Somewhere over the RINGBO

A new urban artery is created to activate Rimbo with the most dynamic coexistence of activities. The interaction between this new main street and the multifunctional hub, the "new town hall," creates a stimulating collective image, representing The Rimbo Spirit with authenticity.
A happy cultural landscape, fostering a peaceful and open society in harmony with itself and with nature. Implemented in phases, this project will transform Rimbo into a vibrant town, offering diverse mixed-use spaces that cater to a wide range of activities, functions, and people.
Embracing various building typologies, dimensions, tenures, and affordability levels, the town will be a social space that encourages citizen interaction, stimulates sociability, and strengthens collective identity.

Guillem Colomer Fontanet (NL), architect urbanist
Silvia Jaunsolo Sanchez (ES), architect urbanist
Miguel Cambron Gomez (ES), environmentalist

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