What is Europan?

Europan is an architectural and urban ideas competition bringing together European cities and young architects and urban design professionals (under the age of 40). The competition spans over a two year period in which over 50 European cities and over 2000 teams are involved. The entries are judged by national juries composed of specialists in the fields of architecture and urban planning.The competition serves a dual purpose: it offers cities and developers new and innovative solutions to local urban planning and development and provides an opportunity for young architects to get commissions by presenting new ideas. These two functions combined create a platform for ongoing debate and research on the spatial framework of the European society.

..and Europan Sweden?

Europan Sweden is a non-profit organisation running the Europan competition in Sweden. Europan started in Sweden in1990. Among its founders were Britt Olofsdotter Jönsson, Mikaela Eckered, Hanne Weiss Lindencrona and Gösta Blücher.The board of Europan Sweden contains members representing key national organizations; Architects Sweden, the national association of Swedish architects, ArkDes, Sweden’s national centre for architecture and design, KTH School of Architecture in Stockholm and LTH School of Architecture in Lund. The Swedish secretariat is managed by Asante Architecture and Design.