You can join Europan!

What is Europan?

Europan is an architectural competition for people under 40 years of age.

How does it work?

You form a team and choose a competition site. See all information at Europan Sweden’s site and Europan Europe’s international site Here you will find descriptions of the competition's sites, tasks and rules.

Who may enter Europan?

All persons under the age of 40 may enter the competition. The basic requirement is however that each team must contain at least one architect. You may form a team with different competences and with members from different countries.

What counts as an ”architect”?

As architect counts all persons with a five-year architectural degree (master's degree). For the Swedish sites, we will approve everyone with a European degree that is accepted for a professional title by Architects Sweden (in Swedish "Sveriges Arkitekter", the national architects' organization). If you have an unusual degree, or if you are unsure if your exam will count, please ask Architects Sweden, and kindly submit the answer together with your diploma when you register for the competition. If your degree is not from a European country, you have additionally to be a member of a national European architects' organization affiliated with ACE or UIA. Your nationality is not important.

What counts as Europe?

We will count degrees from universities within the natural borders of Europe. That includes all the countries within the European Union and also Norway, Iceland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Serbia and the European parts of Russia and Turkey.

What does Europan mean with ”associate”?

Europan distinguishes between ”associate” and ”contributor”, where each member of a team may be the one or the other. The main difference is that associates count as authors of the competition proposal. An associate may be an architect or a person with a professional degree within relevant fields (such as urban planners, engineers or artists). A student with a bachelor's degree also counts as an associate.

What is a "team representative"?

All competition teams must register a single representative who will act as the contact person throughout the competition and during the assessment. A team representative must be an architect, and alternatively for certain sites landscape architects or planning architects. All the Swedish competition sites allow these to be "team representative”.

I have a master’s degree in architecture, but I have a bachelor’s degree in another subject. Will I then count as architect?

If you are a member of a professional architects’ organization in Europe, the education is approved. If you are accepted for a professional title by Architects Sweden, it is also approved. If you are unsure, please ask Architects Sweden, and kindly submit the answer when you register for the competition. Please observe that you have to have a diploma. It is not enough to be a member of an architects’ organization.

I am a landscape architect or a planning architect. Do I count as an architect?

These exams constitute accepted grounds for a professional title by Architects Sweden, and landscape architects and planning architects count as architects on the Swedish competition sites. In other countries the legislation and rules may be different. It is common that landscape architects and planning architects are not included in the definition of an architect. If you are unsure, please ask the competition secretariat in the country where your desired site is located.

I am not an architect. Can I compete?

Yes! Everyone under the age of 40 can enter a team, as long as there is an architect in the team.

How big can the team be?

It may be as small or large as you want. The team may consist of one person, or as many as you wish.

How shall the team be composed?

You should compose a team that you think has the greatest chance of success. Europan encourages teams with different competences. All members however has to be under the age of 40, and at least one person has to be an architect.

How does the limit of 40 years count?

No member of the team may have reached the age of 40 years at the last day of submission.

Can I compete on several sites?

Each team may compete on several sites, but with a maximum of one site per country.

Can I be a member of different teams?

That is all right, but the different teams may then not submit a competition entry within the same country. As a member of different teams, you may thus take part in one proposal for each country. If you have an offer to enter several teams, then please notify each team. Only you can know if the teams you participate in will make a proposal for the same country.

I am an architectural student. Can I compete?

Yes, and you will be an ”associate” if you have a bachelor’s degree. But there has to be an architect with a professional degree within each team.

I am a student within another field than architecture, can I also compete?

Yes, if you are studying within a field closely related to architecture (such as urban planners, landscape architects, engineers, artists) or within other relevant fields (such as sociology, geography, biology) you can be an associate if you have a bachelor's or a master's degree. If you do not hold such a degree, you can still participate but you will be a contributor

I do not have a degree but a professional title (for example through Architects Sweden). Can I then compete?

Yes, but there has to be an architect with a degree within the team. It is the professional degree that is defining, not the membership in a professional organization.

I will soon have my diploma. Can I compete now?

If you will be the ”architect” in your team, you would normally be obliged to have an exam when registering for the competition. If you will graduate within the competition time, it is for the Swedish sites possible to submit a text explaining the situation and that you will submit your diploma before the last day of submission. Please observe that if you will be the only architect in the team, the team will risk disqualification if the diploma is not submitted in time. Please contact your school to find out when you will receive your diploma. Other countries may have different procedures regarding this. If you will compete on sites in other countries, please contact the competition secretariat in those countries if you are unsure.

Do I need a registered company to participate?

You don’t need to have a registered company during the competition. The award goes to the authors of the competition proposal that all have to be under 40 years old. For the subsequent commission the organizers / site owners can require a registered company as contracting party. The authors / winning team then have to arrange for the possibility to sign a contract either by starting a company or by operating through an existing one. For all communication related to the competition award and the subsequent commission the authors need to be credited by name and to be spokespersons for the project.

What will happen when my team wins?

All prize-winning teams will be personally notified December 4th 2023. The prize ceremony for the Swedish sites will be in the beginning of the year 2024. The site owners will then launch the work with the winners. The Swedish site owners are contractually not bound to give the winners a commission, but all the site owners, who are municipalities, have an ambition to continue the work with the winners. Please read the stated preliminary commissions after the competition for each site in the ”Synthetic Site Folder”.