Lagom is built on the idea of care, aiming to enhance the ecological system of Pitea by designing a biophilic infrastructure capable of nurturing the nature, animals, and humans. Lagom has been developed through an environment-centered approach, which emphasizes regenerating the natural environment for improving social aspects and fostering sustainable and inclusive economies.
It proposes the creation of lush green parks, comfortable sea-front residences, and a contemporary hub, to address the town’s needs for sustainable development and reconnect the residents of Piteå with nature and biodiversity.
Our inspiration has been drawn from the genius loci of Piteå, as the natural surroundings have guided our choices, along with elements of the local culture expressed by words, as Lagom.

Maicol Negrello (IT), landscape architect
Silvia Lanteri (IT), architect urbanist
Filippo Fiandanese (IT), architect
Sara Marzio (IT), landscape architect
Chiara Fabbri (IT), architect
Alessandro Monaldi (IT), architect
Giulia Barucci (IT), architect

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