Skavsta Forest City

Skavsta Forest City is a multilayered city where nature and urbanity meet and merge into a vibrant and sustainable mix of wildlife, attractions, and business. The living and innovative city is thoughtfully designed to accommodate everyone, including workers, locals, commuters, children, visitors, tourists and animals.
Existing scenic areas of forest land found throughout the site are carefully preserved and extended to form an interconnected network of green spaces that provide a framework for the city’s development as well as serving as attractions in themselves.
Interspersed and allocated between these forested parts is the built environment that is designed to have an positive impact with regard to ecology, social sustainability, energy and food production. The buildings made out of wood will provide workspace for 10,000 people.

Dzenis Dzihic (SE), architect
Staffan Svensson (SE), architect
Vlad Capitanu (RO), architect
Jon Bossuyt (SE), architect

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